Sunday, February 28, 2010

Macbeth Poem

Hi to all my new friends at the St. Mark Lutheran Church in Worth, Il!!!

Here's the poem, as requested.  I wrote it when Sam was about 2 1/2 years old.

Child Victor

Born: Like Caesar
Natural child
Torn in unnatural manner
From natural mother
Into cold, unnatural sterility.

Purple with rage,
You tore needles from your flesh
Until they pinned you down.
In that world of hoses down throats and bright lights
And rock music
Were a giant.

"He will never see,
Never walk, never talk,
He fails to thrive.
Profoundly retarded, profoundly disabled
And probably
A Dwarf."

You laugh.
And seeing me at the far end of the hall,
Cry, "Mama!"
As you slowly inch your way down your own
Olympic course,
And finally,
Reach your goal.

I lift you up.
With four gold medals glowing in our four eyes
We two alone, are buffeted
By crowds of angels

"He will never..."
That lies like truth.
Never: 'Till Burnham Wood do come to Dunsinane

In two short years,
I have seen you do what no Doctor
Born of woman
Believed you could do.

So lead on MacDuff and Damned be he who first cries
"Hold enough!"

By Jeanne Forsberg with help from Shakespeare.