Thursday, November 01, 2012


I notice and appreciate guys like Brian. Every day Brian goes to work keeping the cafeteria dining room clean at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. That's what he's paid to do. He's very good at it. Tables and floors always clean.

Cleaning may be his job, but it's not his calling. He Is a warm, friendly guy. He remembers Sam and what he likes to eat. Last spring when Sam was an inpatient, Brian brought him chocolate pudding.

I'm taking a break right now while Sam watches a movie. As I expected, Brian came over to ask about Sam. But as I sat here longer, I noticed he stopped at other tables as well. He knows all the regulars at this hospital! He asks one person about a book they both are reading. He asks after family members who aren't present. He knows the conditions various people are battling.

If Brian knew I was writing this he'd probably laugh. He's not doing anything special. He doesn't think he's extraordinary. But in my book, he's a holy man. How many people's lives has he healed just by noticing and remembering they exist?

Only God knows and I bet God is smiling.