Sunday, November 05, 2006


I left out the part about only selling one necklace for $5 the whole day

and being so upset that I locked my keys in my car

and the two police cars who came to my aide only left without being able to help me because 1-they don't open cars anymore and 2-we aren't sure an actual crime was committed, maybe it was just a mistake, so come back to this far west suburb in a day or two to file a police report.

and that it got dark and cold and started to rain before AAA came out to open the car.

and that everyone at that Church School now hates me

And that I only have one headlight and had to drive home in the dark

and finally gave up hysterical and parked in a McDonald's lot and Sam and Charley came to rescue me

so I have to go back to the McDonald's today to get my car before it gets dark again.

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