Friday, September 24, 2010

Bird Talk

Sam and I took the birds to their annual physical this week.  They were quite nervous and the Cockatiel was very mad that I couldn't find his travel cage.  He loves to look out the car window as we drive.  Instead I had to put him in a cardboard box.  The Parrot went into her travel cage very easily, but she doesn't like riding in the car.  We made it okay and, once in the exam room, I let them both out.  

There we sat waiting for the doctor.  The Parrot on my left shoulder reminding me what a pretty bird she is and murmuring bird jokes in my ear.  The Cockatiel on my right shoulder alternating between ignoring me and hiding under my chin.  And Sam sitting with his vibrating tooth brush and laughing at us.

It was a perfect moment.  All four of us chatting away together and enjoying each other's company.  

It struck me that two of the members of this conversation are completely non-verbal and the third (the Parrot) doesn't really have much to say for herself beyond  "Hello" and "Pretty Bird." 

That makes me the only one of the four of us who thinks talking is an essential part of life.  I REALLY like talking and thinking!  My mother likes to say that I came out of the womb talking.

Yet I'm sitting in a vet's office having a stimulating conversation with three of the most significant personalities in my life.  Charley is a great person to talk to, but he's gone all day and when he comes home he'd rather take a nap or play his instruments.  I mostly talk to these three.  And they are happy to listen to me babble.

"Oh what a noble mind is here o'er thrown," I thought.  "I can feel my brain shrinking."  Still, it was a perfect moment.  We were all three having such a good time together.  

Maybe words are not so great after all...  No.  They're still pretty terrific.  

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