Thursday, May 03, 2012

Confidence Booster

I was a bit alarmed when they sent us home from the hospital after only 8 days.  They were talking about 3 weeks.  But they said that I can do the same or better for him at home.  Are they right????

Well, I can "check his vitals" just like they can.  No big deal.  I know better than they do what normal for him is.  I can give him meds and oxygen just like they can now that he's off IV antibiotics.  I can feed him.  The biggest difference is: I'm one, they are many.  

And the hospital bed.  That thing requires a college level course in mechanics to operate, but it's way cool.  It can go into just about any possible position.  It's better than a carnival ride!  And it puts Sam in the perfect position for CPT (Chest Physical Therapy).  He needs to be in the right position so that gravity helps his weak muscles get the stuff out.  And you can raise it or lower it to save the Respiratory Therapist's back.  Cool.  

At home, we have an Ikea bed.  VERY low to the floor so Sam can get in and out without falling.  (Hospital bed also has crib rails)  But this morning, I discovered that all you really need for proper drainage is a portable DVD player.  You put Curious George on the floor, press play and Sam scampers over to the edge of the bed, hangs his head over and thrusts his butt in the air and voila! he's in the perfect position for postural drainage.  I pull up a chair and start whacking him on the back.  He giggles.  

Maybe we are better off at home.  I can sleep without fear that six doctors in white coats will hear me snore and watch me drool.  That's gotta be good.

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  1. I feel a PhD dissertation, and a Nobel Prize in Medicine coming on!