Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've been thinking about what we mean when we say "I'm praying for you". Is it like saying "How are you?" Is it, in fact, something we say by rote because it is polite and conveys a vague aura of general good will without costing much?

That would be bad. 

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  1. I discovered some years ago, that many of our prayers are either about delivering a sermon, or about giving God ways out so that we aren't disappointed when God doesn't answer. That led me to challenge God to show me what God does with my prayers. And now I've been an intercessor for various things for a number of years. Standing in prayer for someone now means (to me) to take on another's burdens (usually that means a learning curve :-( ) so that I know more about what I'm asking, and what the Love of God is very much desiring to provide. It does seem that often we do and say things perhaps because we think they'll give us brownie points with God. If so, I'm hoping for a toaster when I get to heaven. :-)