Thursday, April 02, 2015

Cozy Corner Breakfast

I'm entertaining a 7 year old this week.  It's a lot of fun but remarkably scare in moments of profound thinking.  We have made ketchup and yogurt and kombucha and colored the porch and gone "to Japan" (Mitsuwa shopping center) and go for walks every day and and and - but we haven't stopped to think much.

I'm very grateful for someone to keep me company this week.  Last Thursday my parrot died in my arms.  The cockatiel died last month at the vet's.  And of course, Sam left me on November 17, 2014.  On Friday morning after Charley went to work, the house was so silent and devoid of anyone who needed me.  It positively echoed with loneliness.

So I went out to breakfast.  Here's a poem I wrote while being amused by the family at the next table.  Apologies to anyone who already read this on Facebook:

Cheerful, tuneless singing snags my attention
Baby singer jerks back in mock alarm and shouts "OH NO" aghast
Then giggles with delight at his own perfect imitation.

The cycle repeats.

Parent watch. amused, resigned and helpless
As the soundtrack of their morning 
Is replayed on an endless loop.


  1. Jeannie! I love your poem. My husband and I are on the final leg of a 12-day vacation/road trip with three grandsons ages 17, 9, and 7. We have experienced similar "looped" soundtracks. You may remember me? I'm KatyBroesamle Araujo and my husband is Alex Araujo. I'd love to be in touch. Your blog is beautiful.

    1. Hi Katie! Of course I remember you! I'd enjoy catching up very much. How do we do that less publicly?