Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's always a challenge to figure out what to feed Sam. He doesn't chew and he has all these aspiration issues. Food goes up his nose and down into his lungs if we aren't very careful. So I puree everything and thicken liquids. But he doesn't like food that looks different from everyone else's or is just plain grey and no fun.

Tonight we had Panda Express. You get two entrees and one side per person. So that makes 6 different entrees. I split them up so we each had a bit of each of these. I ordered one side of rice and two steamed vegetables. For Sam, I made a big platter with steamed rice in the center. Then all around the outside I had a little bit of all the different things we had. I ground them all separately and spooned them over the rice. It looked very fancy and delicious. Each entree had a little bit different color.

When something is too dry, I add a little bit of half and half and it gets nice and smooth. Calories are not his issue...

He was very interested and happy to eat with us!

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