Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So here are the top ten things I learned as the daughter of a Paleontologist:
10 - Never go into your parent's room without permission. You might kill a shrew.
9 - It is ok to get dirty and dig up the backyard as long as you actually find something
8 - Always check your shoes for scorpions before you put them on.
7 - Dinosaurs are boring. The really good stuff came later.
6 - When people ask you the difference between paleontology and archeology the easiest way to explain it is Jurassic Park - Paleontology, Indiana Jones - Archeology
5 - Your teachers will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about bugs except the most important thing which is - Ants horde mouse jaws
4 - Never ask your dad to help you with your science fair project. Not only will the result be something you don't understand and can't explain but it will also be something the science teacher can't understand. Teachers don't like that.
3 - Tarantulas can't kill you. Those movies are not made by zoologists.
2 - The correct name is Microtine Rodents and don't let anyone tell you different.
1 - Always keep your hands and feet where you can see them. If you forget, don't blame the rattlesnake when it bites you.

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